Best Car Seat Buying Guide


If you are shopping for a car seat, safety is a paramount feature. After all, the first drive that your child will have once he emerges from the hospital will be in a safety car seat. So all the things you need to know about – from the different kinds …

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6 Tips for a Successful Multi-Generational Event


With the current emphasis on family and multi-generational ministry, you may have decided it’s time for you to move forward and hold a couple of family-focused or intergenerational events at your church.  Here are a few tips to help you pull off that exciting event and keep it meaningful and …

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Child Passenger Safety


Driving is the most common form of commuting these days. However, just like all other forms of traveling, even driving is not 100% safe. While the standard seat belts in cars are strong enough to take care of the adults, for children, the safety procedures need to be more precise …

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How to Find Happiness in the Hard Times

Sooner or later, everyone suffers a period where they lack encouragement or motivation. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, there will be times when you feel under-appreciated or depressed. But this is especially true in children’s ministry. These down times could be related to your performance, your …

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3 Easy Ways for Ministry Leaders to Stay Spiritually-Fed

If you work in ministry, specifically children’s ministry, you have likely felt the ironic struggle of constantly “feeding” others spiritually while trying to stay spiritually nourished yourself. It’s a continuous battle that ministry leaders face, but it’s extremely important. It’s very difficult to lead others to places you have not …

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The BEST Blackout Solution for Rooms


In our children’s ministry large group area, we like to use lighting to enhance our worship experience. The problem that we ran into, however, was that there were 2 windows that were letting a lot of light through into our room and it was causing our lighting to really lose …

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Are You Too Busy?


Here is a test to see. Ask yourself these questions. Have I answered all of my email? Did I send a card of encouragement to someone this week? Did I meet with a volunteer or parent last week for coffee? Did I edit curriculum this week to fit the needs …

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15 of the Best Free Children’s Ministry Resources


Whether your church’s budget is large or small, children’s ministry leaders almost always looking to save money. With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the best FREE children’s ministry resources. Be sure to click on each link, as most of them will direct you to children’s ministry …

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Make an Appointment with Yourself

Sydney is a very fast city, the pace is fast, the cars are fast (at least at 3am when the traffic is sparse), we work fast. Even in a church setting where there are no sales targets and no quarterly profit reports there are deadlines. So something I am going …

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