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Find out if you're wasting your most valuable asset in children's ministry and learn some simple ways to stop.

You may be surprised at some things you NEED to know but likely won't be taught.

Looking for ways to save money in your ministry's small budget? Here are 6 websites that will help you get the most out of your children's ministry dollar.

Children's ministry is an extremely demanding vocation, especially in the creativity department. We are constantly striving to become more creative, or at least we...

This could be the greatest invention ever, especially if you have tying water balloons in any future plans of your children's ministry.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of participating in an online round-table discussion about children's ministry with Jeremy Collins, from, Abby Burg, and several...

I am always seeking to make my office more kid-friendly. When I talk to families and children, I want them to feel welcome and...

While everyone is taking selfies, making duck faces, and snapping pictures of themselves, here's an object lesson you can use to teach kids about the Bible.

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Take an online trip back in time to see how popular children's ministry websites used to look back in the day.

Host a creative night of glow sticks, black lights, and fun for kids, parents, and families. This event is perfect for children and family ministries!

If you are a parent or minister to kids, you need to know about this new trend in mobile technology that could affect how we reach children in the future!

Here are some easy, high-tech methods to send a message of thanks to those who help in your ministry.

If you lead a ministry team, you should consider hosting regular team meetings. Here are some reasons why these meetings are crucial to ministry success.

Here are some ways you can get more done in a smaller amount of time. Use these tips to boost your productivity and time management.