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As ministry leaders, we should be striving to grow our ministry teams closer to God and closer to one another. Here are three ways you can do so.

Are you married to a children's minister? See if you can identify with this list.

Two things that every good children's ministry leader knows the location of at all times-- coffee and a first aid kit.

Find out how you can win FREE children's ministry fuel- a FREE gift card from Starbucks!

Take this fun quiz to determine if you are best suited for ministering to infants, preschoolers, elementary kids, or preteens.

If you would like to know how you can be more creative and generate creative ideas, you need to check this out!

Children's ministry leaders NEED to know this kind of know...for the kids!

With 13% of K-12 students receiving special education, and 38% of students having a learning disability, the demand for some type of special needs ministry is very evident.

Here are 2 games that take literally no preparation and are extremely fun and easy!

Signs in your children's ministry are extremely important. They often can make or break a guest's first experience at your church.

Here's an idea to you can use to assist parents in helping their little ones be content during the worship service.

These verses serve as great reminders to parents trying to raise godly children.

VeggieTales has received multiple criticisms about an issue that could have eternal implications on children.

Need a good solution to make your large group room or classroom darker? Then you MUST see this!

Here are ways that you can help kids refocus, and capture their attention when they begin to get distracted.

You stop by the church offices and find yourself in what you think is the children's minister's office. Here are the top 10 ways you can tell.