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3 Easy Ways for Ministry Leaders to Stay Spiritually-Fed

If you work in ministry, specifically children’s ministry, you have likely felt the ironic struggle of constantly “feeding” others spiritually while trying to stay spiritually nourished yourself. It’s a continuous battle that ministry leaders face, but it’s extremely important. It’s very difficult to lead others to places you have not been yourself. We must be spiritually healthy if we expect to help others be the same.

That being said, how can children’s ministry leaders stay spiritually nourished when they are always having to be out of the worship services or Bible studies because of the demands of their roles? Here are three easy ways you can do this:

1. Develop a personal quiet time, separate from lesson preparation.

We all know how important it is to have a quiet time. For ministry leaders however, it can become extremely tempting and easy to call our lesson preparation our quiet time. After all, we are reading the Bible and praying to get our lessons together, so why wouldn’t it be?

There’s just something about taking time to meet with God, that’s just for you and Him. You shouldn’t always be worried about creating an object lesson, craft, or game with what you are reading. Having time where you can simply read, pray, and reflect on how God wants to apply those verses to your life is extremely important.

2. Listen to messages via websites or podcasts.

This one really needs no explanation. If you aren’t able to hear a message or Bible study taught by someone else, you can listen to them on church websites or through podcasts in the iTunes store. Perhaps even your church records messages you could acquire and put in your weekly listening routine on your way to or from work.

3. Find someone to meet regularly with you to discuss a book and/or Scripture.

Having someone to hold you accountable in your quiet time and to discuss issues you may be dealing with is important. When we talk to others about our struggles and how God is working in us, it allows us to learn from one another and become stronger, sharper tools for His use. In fact, it’s so important that God made certain He included something about that in the Bible.


So how do you stay spiritually-fed? Do you have a daily routine? Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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