When working in children’s ministry, things can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Here are three things I have learned that can help you be less stressed and more blessed in your ministry:

Embrace change.

I am not one for change. However, working in children’s ministry has taught me that change can be a good thing. Kids love it when you change things up a bit. Something as simple as changing the schedule, teaching the lesson in a different way, or changing the type of song you do for worship can excite kids. We recently changed our stage and purchased new lighting. The kids loved it. It made ministry more exciting for them and for us. As much as I do not like change, I have come to find that it is actually a good thing.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Being prepared for the day is a sure way to make it a good one. What if you could be prepared for anything that might happen? Nothing could bog you down because you were ready. In children’s ministry, things can change so quickly and the unexpected can happen. You might have had ten leaders signed up this week to teach Sunday school, but only seven have shown up. Now, you have to come up with a plan and small groups start in ten minutes. Since you spent some time in prayer that morning, as you do every morning, praying that you would be ready for anything that is thrown at you, and you have trusted that God will not let you down and that He will use the Holy Spirit to guide you, you now can have a calm attitude and begin quickly working out a plan. Things are always easier with a cool attitude and preparation.

Always have a good and positive attitude.

Dogs can sense when their owners do not feel well, are sad, or when something just is not right. Kids’ senses are similar. They can tell if you are not excited about what you are doing, and, in response, they will not pay attention or get excited either. When you are excited and have a positive attitude, the kids are more likely to have a good time and will probably pay more attention. I understand we all have our bad days or might not want to get up early some Sundays. Having a positive attitude is giving those things to God and embracing the day that the Lord has made. So get up a little early, drink some coffee, have a good breakfast…whatever it takes. Maybe have a little jam session and worship on the way to church. Do what you need to do to be in a good mood and get excited. The kids will have more fun and I am sure you will too. Remember that what you are doing is making an eternal difference in their lives.


What have you learned in children’s ministry that you think everyone should know before beginning? Leave your tips below!