As you may have noticed, I have not posted anything on Children’s Ministry Blog for a little over two weeks. Our church campus has been undergoing electrical improvements which has caused us to be without power in our offices. Along with that, I have been moving into a new home, trying to unpack, and took a little vacation time for an annual family trip to the Kentucky high school state basketball tournament. After taking a little time off from the blog to work on other projects, I have found three reasons that cause me to believe that everyone should consider taking some time off as well.

1. Rest.

While moving and unpacking boxes wouldn’t likely be considered “rest,” for me it was just the change of pace that helped me feel rested. Sometimes rest can come in simply changing up your schedule and doing things that are out of the ordinary. Taking time off to rest and/or focus on other things can help you feel less burnt out and ready to hit the ground running after your time off.

2. Find time to do other things you enjoy.

Most of us would say that we enjoy what we do. Whether you find enjoyment in working with kids, leading volunteers, or writing on a blog such as this, you likely have other interests and hobbies that you simply do not get to do that often. Taking some time off can allow you to participate in those other activities. For me, taking time off from blogging for a couple of weeks has allowed me to spend time with my family and work on different areas of our new home, both things I do not get to do as much as I would like.

3. Recharge your passion.

For something that you do often, burnout is always a danger. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s the repetition, the daily “grind,” or the familiarity of it. That being said, I think the old saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” could be applied in this instance. Taking time off not only gives you time to rest, but it also helps you rekindle and re-energize your passion for why you do what you do.


Have you taken time off recently or in the past? Could you use a break now? Why do you think a break could help you or has helped you in the past? Leave your thoughts in the comments or on social media.

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GJ Farmer is a husband, a dad, the founder of, and is the Children’s Pastor at First Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky. He has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministries and a Master’s degree in Children’s Ministry. He has also been fortunate to lead and teach groups at children’s ministry conferences and to have had some of his writing published. Apart from working with kids, he enjoys reading, performing magic tricks, playing video games, and University of Kentucky basketball.


  1. Truer words have never been spoken! I am leaving for a vacation tomorrow and all I will do is rest. I’m tired and worn and I know I will return with renewed passion. I feel like I could sleep for the whole first day! It is good to get away!