Does your team miss you when you are away? This summer every week a part of our team has been missing due to mission trips, camp, or vacation. One of the interns put our profile pictures on our office chairs pretending we were in the office and posted it on social media. #MissOurTeam

How do we create this type of culture? We have enormous amounts of laughter. Our entire church staff has fun. Don’t get me wrong it is a typical office with a good amount of stress, deadlines, drama and working for the weekend. Nonetheless, we strive for a culture to balance the tension.

1. We meet weekly.

Make a repeating event on the calendar. This communicates the importance. Send your agendas in advance and have everyone come prepared. Have a book read and discussion at your meetings.

2. We share our ministry wins of the week.

Each week have every member of the team shares wins of their area. Set each event and task to have a win and evaluate after to see if you hit the mark.

3. Set clear expectations.

You can tell when members of your team are frustrated. It can sometimes be about another team member or an attender. Most often it is due to a lack of communication. When we have not set clear expectations it causes confusing which leads to frustration. Have clear job descriptions and tasks for the week. In addition to the weekly group meeting have a one on one with each member.

4. We pray together often.

The key factor to making our team culture is the amount of time put into sharing and praying together. Yes, we pray at meetings, but it is not unusual for someone to just walk through the office halls and say we need to pray. It might be that one of our staff is struggling, someone called into the office for prayer, or we saw something posted on Facebook about someone in the community with a need.

5. We have fun.

Laughter is the best medicine.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”
– Proverbs 17:22 (NIV)

You never know when to expect some good clean fun at the office. We have created a culture when there is tension someone always seems to cut the air with a silly gesture. I have walked into my office with my chair on my desk or my laptop hidden. At lunch as we gather the entire staff a couple days a week we usually end in a good belly laugh.

This is a new staff for me just having arrived in January. We have created this culture quickly with individuals with different ages, cultures, and personalities. It kind of organically happened, but if I had to evaluate our team this is what I would measure against to see how healthy we are. Yes, we still have the normal tension of ministry. It is just manageable because of our culture. It does not linger. We deal with issues within the week if and when they arise. We just know what is at stake so we have created a healthy culture.

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Roxanne oversees the Chapel Pointe Kids Ministry in Hudsonville, Michigan. She attended Liberty University and Louisville Bible College. She has a passion for the next generation and watching students and kid’s lives changed by Jesus Christ. Her heart’s desire is to come alongside families, in what they are already doing, by equipping their children to trust, love, and serve God. She is married to Kurt. They have five children, two whom are adopted.