Showing volunteers our appreciation is important. It lets them know we value them as team members and reminds them of the reason they decided to serve in the children’s ministry. Here are some easy, high-tech methods to send a message of gratitude to those who help in your ministry.


1. is a website that allows you to type custom messages inside of cards and have them sent through the postal service right to someone’s home, without ever having to leave your office. The company prints, addresses, and stamps your card and actually mails for you at very reasonable price.

Pros: Easy to use website; never have to leave your computer to mail a card.

Cons: Card isn’t in your actual handwriting.

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2. Postagram

08-postagramPostagram is a free app for your phone that allows you to insert a photo onto a postcard, customize it with a message, and have it sent in the mail. The beauty of using this app is that the photo your recipient receives on the postcard is perforated so it can easily be removed to keep.

Pros: Gives a personal touch with a photo your recipient can keep; easy to use mobile app.

Cons: Has a small advertisement for the company on the card.

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3. Ink Cards

30160Ink Cards is a free mobile app that gives you fully customizable options for sending postcards, including choosing colors, text, and photos. Load up the app, choose your card, put in your message and photos, type your recipient’s information, and you’re all set! Another quick and easy way to say “thank you” to a volunteer!

Pros: Allows you to fully customize a postcard including using a custom photo; easy to use mobile app.

Cons: Has a small advertisement for the company on the card.

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Have you found other high-tech methods to thank volunteers that you enjoy using? Share your ideas below in the comments!

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