Speakers: Ruben and Efraim Meulenberg

Website: www.KidsWantAnswers.com

Why do kids come to church?

  • The Drop-Off Kids
    • Motivation: My parents bring me
    • Biblical Example: Parents brought kids to Jesus
    • Amplify: Play trailers of upcoming series; use invite cards, parent letters, etc.
  • The Invited Kids
    • Motivation: My friend brought me
    • Biblical Example: Peter bringing Andrew
    • Amplify: Help kids organize sleep-over parties, practice inviting
  • The Habitual Kids
    • Motivation: Church is what we do
    • Biblical Example: Going to the synagogue
    • Amplify: Teach church-attending as a spiritual habit
  • The XP Kids
    • Motivation: They want to experience something
    • Biblical Example: Jesus’ parables
    • Amplify: Use on-going stories with plot-twists and cliff-hangers; recap the story each week; use take-homes with downloadable media
  • The Competitive Kids
    • Motivation: I want to win prizes
    • Biblical Example: Jesus fed the 5,000
    • Amplify: Have kids represent their school/city/etc. in competitions
  • The Social Kids
    • Motivation: I want to see my friends and leaders
    • Biblical Example: People met in temple-courts
    • Amplify: Use connecting points with others
  • The Buzz Kids
    • Motivation: Everybody is talking about this
    • Biblical Example: And the news spread through the region
    • Amplify: Give spread-ables (armbands); media for the home; Let them use their phone to film something funny
  • The Learning Kids
    • Motivation: I’m interested in today’s subject
    • Biblical Example: People who came to Jesus with their needs
    • Amplify: Advertise the subjects in advance; make the subjects inviting
  • The Growing Kids
    • Motivation: The teaching always helps me
    • Biblical Example: The people were amazed at his teaching
    • Amplify: Teach more than virtues or morals; have them practice (not just memorize); start with questions, desires, and needs they have; let discovery truly be discovery…don’t give away all the answers
  • The Godly Kids
    • Motivation: I want to get closer to God
    • Biblical Example: People who followed Jesus anywhere
    • Amplify: Affirm kids in their passions for Christ; challenge kids to be hungry for the Word; highlight kids with a passion for Christ (make them an example, don’t make them exceptional)



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