“You’re going to another meeting again, Mom?  Why do you always have to go to the church?  I wish you weren’t the Children’s Minister so you could stay with us.”

Those words cut deep.  They went straight to the core of my heart and cut it open.  And in flooded the feelings of guilt.  The guilt of being a working mom.

If any of you women out there work outside the home, then I’m sure at one point or another you have experienced the guilt that comes with being a working mom.  And we all know that the guilt is real.  So real that sometimes we just want to quit our jobs and love on our babies all the time.

Being a working mom has not been an easy road, either.  Working full-time, raising 2 girls, being a wife to a wonderful husband, keeping up with laundry, housework, school work, soccer practices and games, gymnastics, and the many other duties of a mom is overwhelming at times.  Sometimes I just want to blow the whistle and call for a time out.  I need a breather.  I need a minute to rest, to reassess my game plan, for the coach to encourage me, to get focused and not be bogged down with all the million details that encompass my life as a working mom. Some days we get that break and other days we don’t.  But we keep working and providing for our family, even when those feelings of guilt hit us hard.

So how can working moms be rid of that terrible guilt that likes to lurk inside our hearts?

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