brianryanHere are my notes taken from yesterday’s 30 minute webinar with children’s ministry leaders, Brian Dollar and Ryan Frank.

If you would like to listen to the audio of the entire webinar, you can find that on Ryan Frank’s website.

How High Voltage Kids Ministry started

  • Started in 2004.
  • Was producing their own curriculum at church and thought other churches could benefit by it.
  • Sold it to other churches slowly but the demand was high and caused them to produce more.
  • Goal was to help small churches present big budget material from a small budget.

How do you grow your leadership when you aren’t the one in charge?

  • Don’t wait until you are in charge to start acting like you are in charge
    – Adopt the work ethic, relationship skills, and leadership style of the leader
  • Have the mindset of an “owner” rather than an “employee.” (Care for the organization and tend to problems yourself)
  • It’s not about climbing the corporate ladder, but serving as a leader.
    – An owner (self-serving) works until his job is done, but an employee (self-centered) works until he is done.

Leadership is built on trust. How do you build trust?

  • Be a person of your word. Follow through on what you say. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. Under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Be a finisher. Finish any task your begin. Stay until the end.
  • Be an on time leader. Don’t be late.

How do you stay in sync with your boss’ vision when you have your own vision, and aren’t in charge?

  • You don’t want your visions competing, but rather complete or compliment each other.
    – When you support your pastor’s vision, he will support your vision.
  • The way you cast your vision has a lot to do with buy in.
    – Be sure to present your vision in a compelling way.


Q & A

(Answers paraphrased)

Q. What book are you reading now?


Q. How do you successfully lead laterally with peer staff, when they try to do their own thing (outside of the senior pastor’s focus/vision) and expect you to promote it?
A. Brian- First, ask yourself if the vision is in line with the pastor’s vision to be certain they do not agree. There should be no reason to support something that isn’t in line with the vision of the church and your pastor. Make sure you have a servant’s heart when approaching the situation. Explain why you don’t agree.


Q. What’s the biggest communication mistake you can make with a senior pastor?
A. Brian- Not communicating. People sometimes expect the pastor to understand what they are doing and why they do it. If we aren’t sharing with our pastors, through email or conversations, what is happening in our ministries we can’t expect the pastor to support it. Don’t worry about “bothering him.” Let him decide what bothers him or takes up too much of his time. Over-share and over-communicate.


Q. Can you think of an instance when you were asked to do something by your pastor that you didn’t want to do, but it made you a stronger leader?
A. Ryan- I was asked to run the senior adult ministry at my church. I ended up discovering potential volunteers and potential donors to the children’s ministry. The relationships benefited not only the senior adult ministry but also the children’s ministry.
A. Brian- Never have the thought of “that’s not my job.” Every experience can be a learning experience. Participating in and completing what you are asked to do is what makes you part of a ministry team.


Q. How can someone get in touch with you?


Q. What’s one cool thing that’s happening in your ministry?
A. Brian-, digital curriculum subscription from High Voltage Kids.
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GJ Farmer is a husband, a dad, the founder of, and is the Children’s Pastor at First Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky. He has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministries and a Master’s degree in Children’s Ministry. He has also been fortunate to lead and teach groups at children’s ministry conferences and to have had some of his writing published. Apart from working with kids, he enjoys reading, performing magic tricks, playing video games, and University of Kentucky basketball.