Every family has a rhythm, a flow to their day, a way they “do life” together.  Some rhythms are slow and peaceful, some are full but intentional, and some are fluctuating and unpredictable.  As a minister to children and families, you are probably able to spot some of those rhythms in the lives of the families you serve.

We’ve been focusing on Rhythms and Routines at our church and last night we played this fun game together as families to discover, “Who Stole Our Rhythm?”  Our first three “clues” were hidden throughout the basement of the church and after each clue was discovered, the family got to talk together about the things that disrupt their family rhythm.  The final clue was hidden in our main room and the answer gave us a way to get our rhythm back and focused on Christ.

If you’ve been looking for a fun and meaningful way to engage families and help them critically think about how and where they can invite Christ into their everyday lives, this might be a great activity for you!

Who Stole Our Rhythm Activity

Leader: Over the past few years, your family has lost its rhythm. Three thieves named Busyness, Distraction and Fear had stolen it and hidden it where they think you can’t find it. But with God’s help and some fun clues, we are going to find it again! Hidden in the other rooms are three clues for your family to find the thieves who stole your rhythm.  Once you find those three, come back here to find the final clue!

Each family could be given a “map” on which will be space to answer questions once they find their Clue. This works especially well if you have little ones who may want to color during the question time after each clue is found.


My mom is running around in a tizzy,

and my dad keeps saying, “Hold on, I am busy.”

I have sports and school and swimming and such

while sister is singing and crafting so much.

Our calendar’s crazy, so much to do,

our rhythm is more like, “Ta Ta” and “Yoohoo!”


BUSYNESS – What things make your family’s life busy? Are there things you can cut out? How can invite God into your busy times?


CLUE #2 

It’s time for dinner but “THE MOVIE” is on

I just got a video game from Prime Amazon.

I saw that my friends were playing outside

and, oh, look at that, toys inside!

It’s not that I don’t have a rhythm to follow,

but staying on schedule is too much to swallow.


DISTRACTION – What is your biggest distraction? How can you minimize distractions during family time?


CLUE #3 

Don’t go in there!! You don’t know what’s inside!

It could be a monster and you’ll need to hide.

If you try to do that thing, you’ll probably fall.

It’s better to just do nothing at all.

Don’t try a rhythm or start a routine;

it will never work out, you’ll see what I mean!


FEAR – What do you want to start doing as a person or a family that you are afraid of starting? How can you face fear with God together?



Come to Me, I have rest for the weary.

Even when your days are sad, hard and teary.

I have a plan to give your family great peace

and time with each other and even a feast.

Listen to My voice even if it seems quiet

with all of the shouting and all of the ruckus.

My work is easy, my burden is light,

and if you follow me, I’ll give you My life!


JESUS – How can you bring Jesus into your home? Find three ways to invite Jesus into places stolen by Busyness, Distraction and Fear.

Following this time together, you may want to give your families some follow-up materials on establishing a rhythm in the home.  There’s a section in the book Think Orange by Reggie Joiner entitled “Creating a Rhythm in Your Home” based on the text of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 that partners well with this activity.

I hope you are able to have as much as we did participating in this activity and helping parents and kids come together with a plan to invite Christ into the rhythm of their home.

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Christina is wife of Pastor Luke and mom to Hannah, Naomi, and Caleb. She has been serving in ministry since 2010, first as a director of children's ministry and now as a family minister near Lexington, KY. She is passionate about helping churches transition into family ministry and equipping parents for discipleship in the home. She is currently completing studies at Wesley Seminary at IWU for a Master's degree in ministry with a focus on children, youth and family, with the desire to help churches grow their family ministries.