Speaker: Matt Guevara
Topic: Celebrating God Himself

  • “God is looking for people to strengthen and to do something with.”

  • “God is looking for a people He can do something with. No matter how we need help, God is looking for those who are fully committed to Him.”

  • “When the situations of life cut you, what you bleed is who you are.”

  • “We can’t do anything until we wait on [God].”

  • “It is important to slow down, wait, and listen to God.”

  • “God is looking for us when things are bleak, but also when you are at the top of your game.”


Speaker: Beth Gukenberger
Title: Celebrating God’s Calling

  • “When we surrender to the sovereignty of God, we can enjoy the adventurous life He calls us to.”

  • “The way we build our church is by the way we love well.”

  • “You don’t go into conflict resolution to show someone you are right; you go in to show them who God is.”

  • “God writes the best stories.”

  • “The Gospel is not about a story, it’s about how that story changes you.”

  • “As a pastor, it is your job to show people what God is like.”

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