“But please Pastor Trish, just this once?” her enormous blue eyes pleaded with me, “This is really serious. I need to tell you something. I need you to pray with me. Can we go to your office real quick. Please? I just need you to listen.” With her white blond hair in pig tails, and tears welling up in her eyes, she seemed so very fragile and willowly. Her slumped shoulders were so very thin and she shuffled her tiny feet in her little dress shoes with glittery bows! For just a moment a forgot everything else in the world. I took her minute hand and took just two steps toward the door out of the room. But suddenly I came to my senses and remembered the training I had received in Bible college. The same training I had just DRILLED into my AWANA leaders the past Wednesday night. THE RULE that was posted IN the volunteer breakroom.


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Trisha Peach is the author of the recent book "Your Children's Ministry From Scratch", staff pastor of 16 years, speaker, trainer and consultant. More importantly, Trisha is a busy working wife and mom! She is also a sci-fi junkie and sushi enthusiast. Originally from Wisconsin, now based out of Carbondale, Illinois. When she's not on the road, you'll find Trisha at Elkville Christian Center, in Elkville, IL.