What is Awana? Awana is a program used by churches all over the world to reach their community with Christ and His love. This program has clubs for ages 2-18.

I have been in Awana since third grade. I am now a senior in High School. I have gone through T&T (Truth and Training 3rd-6th grade), Trek (Middle School), and Journey (High School). I could not tell you how many times I have thanked God for Awana! Why should you think about adding this program to your ministry? I will give you three good reasons!

1. Scripture Memorization

There have been several times where I was in a situation, whether it was with friends, a decision I had to make, or I was struggling with something, that a verse I learned in Awana found itself in the front of my mind. These verses, along with the truths I learned, have helped me in so many ways through high school. I can only imagine how God is going to use the things I learned in Awana throughout the rest of my life. Adding Awana to your ministry would give your kids and their parents a great tool to learn God’s word and commit it to memory. The Awana organization didn’t just choose random and easy verses for the handbooks. They choose important, and sometimes difficult, verses. These verses are ones that will help in many of the sticky situations and could help a child lead their friend to Christ.

2. Fellowship

How often do you as a Children’s Ministry leader or Pastor get to have one on one interaction with each child in your ministry? I’m guessing not very often. Awana is an opportunity for the kids in your ministry to get one on one interaction and attention. At the elementary age it is very import. You never know how much attention they get at home, or what kind of attention they get. When we are dealing with the Gospel and God’s Word, it is crucial to make sure each child understands what they are memorizing in their verses and what their handbooks are teaching them. Throughout the year, each child will bond with their leader. Each leader may have a few kids, but they are able to connect with each one. Not only will you see fellowship between leader and child, you will see fellowship between leaders and also between kids. The kids will connect through games and just spending time with each other. The leaders talk and bond while the kids are arriving, leaving, or playing games. By the end of the year you see so many new and close friendships.

3. Serving Opportunities

If you are like many children’s ministry leaders, you are probably already scrambling for leaders on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I challenge you to keep reading. Some parents want to get involved in the Children’s Ministry but don’t feel comfortable teaching a class. However, they would be willing to listen to a few kids recite verses. I know for a fact that if you prayed about it and felt very confident that Awana is a right move for your ministry, that God would provide you with leaders. This program is a great way for teens to get involved in their church. Ask your youth group (if they don’t meet at the same time) to help serve in your Awana club.

Awana is a great program to add to your ministry. I do not have anything negative to say about it at all. I love this program and I am so happy that my church has been doing it for 11 years. Sometimes it is a struggle with a little prayer and a lot of trust in God, big things can happen. Keep doing what you’re doing. God will provide!

For more information on Awana, visit to Awana.org or contact your Awana state missionary.

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Emily has been serving in children's ministry consistently for over 4 years. She is currently enrolled at Columbia International University pursuing a degree in Church Ministry with a specialization in Children's Ministry. She also plays soccer for CIU. She has a passion for children to hear God's word and for them to know that He loves them.


  1. I love AWANA. The creators of AWANA have made great strides in how to equip parents to use their material effectively. This was a staple part of our kids’ ministry however we have stopped using AWANA because to was fostering a “drop off” mentality in our parents.

    We made the decision to strategically work towards better equipping our parents to be a better nurturer of their child’s faith. It seemed contradictory to work toward this end while keeping something that allowed our parents to go in the opposite direction.