VBS – it’s come, it’s gone, you’re exhausted. Your ministry closets are in a state of disarray, things need to be returned from where they were borrowed, your volunteers are running away on vacations, and you see the beginning of the school year barreling down on top of you. Now what?  Here’s a few suggestions to keep things in perspective, as you move from children ministry year end to year beginning:

1. Walk away.

No, really. Now is the time to take some days off and get with God about the upcoming year. Turn off the phone, shut down the computer, if possible, get away from the daily grind. Go somewhere you can be at peace and talk to God.

2. Ask for help.

Folks who don’t normally teach or help with children’s ministry may be willing to help with organization and clean up to get ready for the upcoming year. Look for your OCD friends for this!

3. Training.

If possible, get your leaders together for a retreat, even if it’s a one day retreat at your church.  Seek the Lord’s will for your programs in the  upcoming year, get a consensus as to where the Lord is leading you.

4. Take some time with your family.

Get completely away from “church stuff” and spend time together in a way that is meaningful to all of you.

5. Don’t worry.

Remember that the Holy Spirit is in charge of bringing kids to Christ, not you.  God expects us to preach the Word – plant the seed, water with the Word. Don’t fret over what did or did not happen at VBS, God is in control of the ultimate result.

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Joy Feemster is a 20-year veteran of children's ministries and is currently the Director of Christian Education at Neely's Creek Church in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Her passion in life is pointing people to that "1 Thing" relationship with Jesus Christ (Luke 10:38-42).