Monthly Archives: November 2014

Use this special needs toy guide from Toys-R-Us to find great gifts for differently-abled kids this Christmas!

Thanksgiving allows you a time to reflect on what you are thankful for in your life. Here are reasons to be thankful to work in children's ministry.

Children's ministry leaders are usually looking to save money. With that in mind, here's a list of some of the best FREE children's ministry resources.

What might children's church look like in an atheist megachurch compared to a Christian church? Tim Hawkins helps us answer this question.

If you are new in ministry or are a ministry veteran, you must be on your guard to prevent yourself from burning out and feeling completely drained.

It's hard to believe that providing check-in at your church could actually be counterproductive to security. Here are 7 ways it could make kids less safe.

People are known for formulating first impressions quickly, some say within 7 seconds. Here are ways guests get their first impressions of your ministry.

Use this new game/challenge to have a blast at your next children's ministry event!

If you have a vision for your organization that involves change, here are some ways you can help others see from your point-of-view.