Monthly Archives: April 2015

Having tons of leftover candy after events such as Easter egg hunts and festivals is always a problem. Use these ideas to creatively get rid of it.

Churches must understand how to reach traumatized children in order to connect with them and show them God's love. Here are some ideas.

Use these photos from the children's ministry area of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY as inspiration for your own decorating at your church.

Here are some ideas and resources for you to use to help equip families to make disciples. This information was presented at the 2015 CM Conference.

Shari Borders presents 8 ways children learn and how to capture their attention. These notes are from the 2015 CM Conference in Louisville, KY.

“Those marbles are heavy!!” Like many of you I’d bet, I have a container of roughly 3,000 marbles in my office. The kids are endlessly...