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Needing some advice on leading your church's children's ministry? This book, from Trisha Peach, has just what you need!

Children learn worship by watching others worship. Here's an easy idea you can do at your church to help children worship God.

Long gone are the days of "lone ranger" ministry- of one minister charging in, doing it "all" while everyone else follows. Today your ministry...

Take this fun quiz to find out how well you know your children's ministry resources!

It can be hard to keep the attention of kids in your ministry. How do you help them all stay focused and interacting at the same time?

When talking with children, there are 2 words parents can say that are extremely powerful. Found out what those are in this guest post by Brian Dollar.

Have you dealt with a disruptive student? Here's a great way to approach those difficult situations.

Children's ministers and parents teach children, but many times they can actually learn a great deal from the kids.

There really isn't a cookie-cutter answer to this question, but this article can help you figure it out!

Use this simple idea to help families spend time together all week long!

There's a flying monkey in our sanctuary for VBS next week! Click to see pictures and a video!

Some things are changing at Children's Ministry Blog...and you'll want to know!

Children are not little people who need to be babysat. They are people who are capable of serving in ministry, just like everyone else.

Register for a chance to win a bundle of children's ministry books...totally FREE!!!

Here are a few ideas on how you can use the summer months to grow your ministry, regardless of what the numbers report.