Monthly Archives: August 2015

Does your spouse support your ministry? If so, this article will help you take a few moments to reflect and be thankful for them.

Ever heard of the word "kidult?" This important word teaches us a great lesson about the need to have a childlike faith at any age.

How can children's ministry leaders stay spiritually nourished when they are always having to be out Bible studies because of the demands of their roles?

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How has technology played a part in children's lives, and how should this affect how we minister to them?

Is your schedule making you too busy? Not sure? Take this simple test to find out.

How do you carry on, when you just want to pull the covers over your head? The truth is it's not easy, but there are some ways to help encourage ourselves.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, there will be times when you feel under-appreciated or depressed. Here one way you can overcome it.

Love to read children's ministry books and like to save money? This list is for you!

Young children can have difficulties when the face too many changes at once. So, what do you when this happens at your church?

Should you allow non-parents to volunteer in your children's ministry? This articles examines the effectiveness of non-parents in kids' ministry programs.

Here are some quick and easy games your kids will LOVE to play!

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You may be surprised at this simple idea you can do that can help a child achieve big things!

Here's a few suggestions to keep things in perspective, as you move from children ministry year end to year beginning.

Is there life after VBS? Why yes, there is! Take a short but deep breath, and lean into these wonderful memories and reminders from the summer.