Monthly Archives: November 2015

Thanksgiving. The giving of thanks. A time to reflect on blessings. A time to acknowledge gratitude. A time to embrace life. Here's how to do those things.

Use this simple idea to help children be more thankful this year.

Ministry is time consuming. Find out how to get some of that time back with these modern-day tools for ministry leaders.

Children's ministry is not for lone rangers. Where can you find help? Here are 3 places you can find a wealth of potential volunteers!

Are the older children in your ministry extra talkative or disengaged, especially when they're in a large group setting with younger kids? You're not alone!

Ministry is difficult sometimes. Here's a great reminder of why you should keep going!

Ever think what you're doing in ministry isn't making a difference? Think again! This article shares how you can make a difference in the future of society.

Want a free autographed copy of Jim Wideman's new book, Tweetable Leadership? Then you'll want to enter our giveaway!

Ever wonder what it's like to open a Dispatch box from INCM? Find out, in this video! Dispatch is a subscription box filled with TONS of kidmin resources!