Recently, Christina Embree posted an article on the D6 website called My Kid Doesn’t “Get “Anything Out Of Church. (Go read it if you haven’t already).  I absolutely love this article because it speaks of everything that has been on my heart for a long time.  I won’t go into all the reasons so just check out her article because I feel the same as she does.

Our church is set up where the kids are in Kidz Church at the same time the parents are in “big church”.  Kids don’t get much time in the worship service, except on 5th Sundays and in July.  That’s not much time at all.  We don’t have a strong Sunday school program for adults (basically families come for 1 hour).  I wanted a way for kids to be in worship with their families because I feel it is very important.

So, after much discussion with our staff, my Children’s Council, and our Kidz Church leaders, we are moving to a new change.  Beginning in August, we will not have Kidz Church on the first Sunday of every month.  We are calling this First Family Worship.  With this change, children will be able to experience worship on a more regular basis than just a few times a year.  This is also Communion Sunday in our church so kids will be able to take part in this sacrament with their families.  I am excited about this opportunity for the kids and hope families will embrace this change and love worshiping together.

Now that kids are in worship, how can we engage them in worship?  I have been seeing on Pinterest something called “worship notes”.  These are a sheet of paper filled with different ways to help kids stay focused on the service.  So, I decided to create my own and am excited for children to use it beginning this coming Sunday.  Check it out!

First Family Worship Notes 8-15

I think this will help kids engage in the service so they can learn about worship and also learn how to worship. Children learn by watching others and I am so excited to implement this change in our church.

How do you engage children in worship at your church?


  1. We have a worship time during our kids church every Sunday. We take prayer requests, sing songs, and take up an offering. As the organizer for our kids church, I think it is very important to take time for the kids to experience the same things in our service that their parents are experiencing in their service. We even quote our church’s mission statement together. I don’t want the kids to ever think that since they are younger, they aren’t allowed to do things that the adults do.