Sometimes in ministry it becomes easy to focus on one group of people at a time. A typical church may host events for and minister to preschoolers, elementary kids, youth, and adults, but unfortunately many churches don’t host events or ministries for all of them together, where the parents are included.

While all of the ministry areas are very important, it is extremely necessary that churches also include a family ministry. I am not suggesting for everyone to drop all other ministries and focus on families only, but we must also have ministry opportunities set aside for families to grow and bond together.

Family ministries should allow families to spend quality time together, sometimes just by hanging out or doing something fun. With schedules for each person of the family, life can be a little hectic. Participating in family ministry can offer a time for families to pause and just enjoy life with each other.

How can you do this? How can you plan an event that will interest the parents, youth, and the little ones? Here are a five suggestions:

  1. Movie-Nights
  2. Family retreats
  3. Events at local parks or facilities (skating, field day)
  4. Minute-to-win-it game nights
  5. Family potlucks

Hopefully you can use these event ideas to help your families stay strong and together. Through these events, families can bond together and possibly get to know others in your congregation and community.

Have you hosted a well-received family event at your church? I would love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments!

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Emily has been serving in children's ministry consistently for over 4 years. She is currently enrolled at Columbia International University pursuing a degree in Church Ministry with a specialization in Children's Ministry. She also plays soccer for CIU. She has a passion for children to hear God's word and for them to know that He loves them.