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Are You Too Busy?

Here is a test to see. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Have I answered all of my email?
  2. Did I send a card of encouragement to someone this week?
  3. Did I meet with a volunteer or parent last week for coffee?
  4. Did I edit curriculum this week to fit the needs of my kids and students?

If you answer no to any of these then you may be too busy. This is a constant tension for ministry staff. I want to share with you a few ideas that help me to get back on track and stop living in the moment and from event to event. Ask yourself these questions instead.

  1. Where can I put two blocks of time this week for caring for my parents and volunteers this week?
  2. On my calendar this week where can I block off a morning or afternoon to work only on content of upcoming lessons or events?
  3. How can I only spend four hours this week on emails, schedules, or coordinating areas that I manage?

When I have no plan for my week and I just live in the moment of emails, questions, and meetings I feel too busy. The frustrating moments of getting nothing done leads to exhaustion. Stop, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in a plan for the week that is productive.

After time in prayer my week can often become productive and will look something like this.

  • Monday- Coordinate through emails, schedules; follow up from weekend with volunteers and parents. Meetings with pastors and directors and all staff to evaluate and plan for the week are planned.
  • Tuesday- Plan for time today to work on curriculum, upcoming training, and parenting classes.
  • Wednesday- Write thank you cards to volunteers, have coffee with a small group leader, and send out weekly volunteer email.
  • Thursday- Evaluate and plan long-range family ministry goals and events.
  • Friday- Write notes of encouragement to parents, first time visitors, have coffee with a parent.

Finding a rhythm for your ministry is essential. Plan your week out and do not forget to find time to Be Still and Know He is God. It is perfectly fine to schedule personal time to rejuvenate.

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