Week 1
Reflect Jesus’ Love
Jesus heals and forgives a paralyzed man- Mark 2:1-12
Main point: We should show compassion to others, just like Jesus did when he healed the paralyzed man.

Week 2
Reflect Jesus’ Servanthood
Jesus feeds the 5,000-Matthew 14:13-21
Main point: We should serve others, just like Jesus did when he fed the 5,000.

Week 3
Reflect Jesus’ Witness
Jesus and the woman at the well- John 4:1-49
Main point: We should tell others about Jesus, just like Jesus did to the woman at the well.

Week 4
Reflect Jesus’ Power Over Death
Jesus rises from the dead- Matthew 28:1-6
Main point: Just like Jesus lives forever, we can live forever if we put our faith and trust in him.

Teaching tips: Bring in a big mirror for this series and remind children each week how we are to be like mirrors. Mirrors show an exact replica of something. We should show an exact replica of Jesus to others. It is very easy to add to this series or change something. Feel free to make it your own!

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