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Best Car Seat Buying Guide

If you are shopping for a car seat, safety is a paramount feature. After all, the first drive that your child will have once he emerges from the hospital will be in a safety car seat. So all the things you need to know about – from the different kinds of seats to the tips to remember are mentioned in this cat seats review.

Kinds of Child Safety Seats

For children, there are numerous safety car seats flooding the market. However, remember the following tips in mind so that you pick the most suitable one for your child based on his age, height and size:
1. Infants and toddlers must be placed in rear-facing seats till they reach the age of two or maximum permissible height and weight recommended by the maker.

2. Forward facing seat with a harness is the ideal safety seat for a child who has outgrown the rear-facing one. Generally, toddlers and preschoolers belong to this category.

3. Children who have outgrown the forward facing seats and are yet too young for the normal car seat belts must be placed in the belt positioning booster seats. This can go on till he reaches the height of 4 feet 9 inches and have completed 12 years of age.

Tips to remember for Safety Car Seats

The following tips will ensure that you get the best car seat for your child.

1. You will find that there are convertibles available in the market that which save money as they last for most of the toddlerhood. It is completely safe for your child but the only drawback is that unlike an infant seat, it cannot be moved out of the car. So consider what is more important to you – being able to move the toddlers while they is sleeping without waking them up is also a blessing for many a parents.

2. Consider buying an infant seat and a stroller together to get some great discounts if you want to minimize the costs.

3. For the safety of your child, it is always best to buy a new car seat and not use a hand-me-down, since safety technologies change rapidly. Find latest models of car seat booster here.

4. When buying a car seat, look for the JPMA stamp on the box as it confirms that the seat has met all the current safety standards.

5. While buying a car seat on the lower price range, ensure that the model has a 5 point harness system. You need everything from a couple of shoulder straps to waist straps. It’s also a great thing if there is a strap between the legs. This will allow you to secure the base without the help of seat belts. It will also allow for side impact protection. To havw better protection sideways, you need foam and air pads located on either side of the baby’s head.

6. More expensive seats will have additional features like anti-rebound bar at the end of the seat that minimizes movements during a crash, softer fabrics, a bigger canopy and a few other accessories.

6. When buying seats, look for straps that will not have to be rethreaded. This will get you straps that will adjust as your baby grows. With features like adjustment handle in the bak of the seat, or a pull cord between the legs, rethreading won’t be necessary.

You may have meticulously followed the instructions by the maker and seen Youtube videos to install the seat, but finally, have your work verified by a professional.


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