Speaker: Craig Johnson
Title: Reaching the Forgotten: Developing and Launching a Special Needs Ministry
  • Facts about Special Needs and Ministry
    • 1 in 51 kids are being diagnosed with Autism in America.
    • Less than 1% of churches have a special needs ministry.
    • Special needs is very hidden and there is a lack of awareness.
    • Divorce rate is much higher in parents who have a child with special needs
    • Huge financial burdens hit families who have kids with special needs
  • Designing a Special Needs Ministry
    • Goal #1- We need to help these children to be everything God has purposed them to be.
    • Special needs rooms need to be multi-sensory
    • Never reject a chld with special needs
  • You are Giants of the Faith
    • When you launch a special needs program, you are a giant who allows others to stand on your shoulders.
    • We must not look at what our cause is, but who our cause is.
    • Passion is more powerful when there is a name and a face to it.
Link to Champions Club information (Special Needs Ministry at Lakewood Church):
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