Planning games for Sunday school or any kind of event can be difficult. What kind of games should I do? I don’t have much space, so how can I make it fun? Here are some games that may help.

Find the King

Supplies: One deck of cards

How To Play: Scatter the deck of cards on a table or on the floor. Make sure they are all face down. Each player has one minute to locate all four kings. They may only turn over one card at a time.


Marble Mayhem

Supplies: 1 pool noodle, 2 buckets, and a lot of marbles

How To Play: Cut the pool noodle in half, longways so that it is similar to a slide. Put the marbles in one bucket and keep the other bucket empty. Have each player hold the noodle at arm’s length. The noodle should be about five inches above the opening of the empty bucket. The marble bucket should be beside the player’s feet. The player has one minute to get as many marbles into the empty bucket by pushing them down the noodle. They may only get one marble at a time.


Elephant Bowling

Supplies: One pair of panty hose, one softball or baseball, 10 two liter bottles (empty)

How To Play: Put the ball in the toe of one leg of the panty hose. Stand the bottles in a scattered formation. Each player must put the empty leg of the panty hose on their head as if it were a hat. Then the player must swing their “elephant trunk” (the ball in the panty hose) and knock over all 10 of the bottles. They have one minute. They can only use their hands to hold the panty hose on their head. (If you want to make it more interesting, you can use a sharpie to color the tops of the bottles. The colored bottles can be worth 3 points and the uncolored ones can be worth 1 point.


Cotton Nose

Supplies: One bucket, one jar of Vaseline, a lot of cotton balls, a large bowl, and some paper towels.

How To Play: Place all the cotton balls in the large bowl. Fluff them up so they are not sticking together. Place the bucket about three feet away from the bowl. Each player will put some Vaseline on their nose. They will then, using only their nose, get a cotton ball or two to stick to their nose. They will then move to the empty bucket and shake it off. They cannot use their hands to take the cotton ball off. They can apply more Vaseline as needed. They have one minute to see how many cotton balls they can transport over to the bucket. When the minute is up, they can use the paper towel to wipe their nose off.



Supplies: about 20 red solo cups (or something similar)

How To Play: Each player gets a stack of cups. They are competing against each other. They have one minute to build the tallest stack. (The trick to this is to keep it slender not wide. Start with one cup upside down on the floor. Then put one on top of it right side up. Keep rotating the pattern.)

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Emily has been serving in children's ministry consistently for over 4 years. She is currently enrolled at Columbia International University pursuing a degree in Church Ministry with a specialization in Children's Ministry. She also plays soccer for CIU. She has a passion for children to hear God's word and for them to know that He loves them.