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Make an Appointment with Yourself

Sydney is a very fast city, the pace is fast, the cars are fast (at least at 3am when the traffic is sparse), we work fast. Even in a church setting where there are no sales targets and no quarterly profit reports there are deadlines.

So something I am going to do after reading a blog entry at Fast Company Now

is make an appointment with myself.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 11:30, my calendar had an unmovable meeting. It lasted only half an hour but my assistant knew that on no account could it be changed or cancelled. And so, three days a week, at 11:30, I’d walk out the door; I’d be back at noon.

…I held this all-important appointment for myself. It was my thinking time. I had finally reached the conclusion that, if I didn’t book time to think, I’d never do it.

After probably ten years looking for a time management system that works for me (PDA’s didn’t, Daytimer didn’t) I finally found one (yay!). And I find that if I take the time to really prepare at the beginning of the day I get SO much more done, and forget less.

Henceforth and forthwith I do decree an appointment with myself once a week, until further notice.


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