I only have one thing pressing on my mind lately. It’s that I love ministry and I miss it.

Right now, I am pursuing a degree in Church Ministry specializing in Children’s Ministry. I am living an hour from home, which means I have to find a new church because putting almost 150 miles on my car each weekend is a lot. In my hunt for a good church, I haven’t been able to serve. I miss teaching, leading worship and games, and just hanging out with my kids. It is almost killing me that I am not plugged into a church and serving in the kid’s ministry. I know I will eventually find the church God wants me to be at, but until then learning about ministry and not being able to put it into practice yet is hard. I am learning so much, but don’t have anything to do with it yet. I trust God is preparing me for the future and what He has planned for me. In this, I want to encourage you.

Early Sundays are hard. Busy Sundays are hard. When two of your classroom teachers don’t show up, that’s hard. When a child misbehaves and you have to confront the parents, that’s hard. Ministry is hard. Oh, but it is worth it. Through the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into this ministry, seeds are planted and watered. Foundations are being built. Through you, God is working in the lives of these kids. God could even be using what you are teaching the kids to reach their friends and families. Nothing makes me happier than hearing others worship God. He is so worthy of it all and when kids are worshipping it makes me so happy. To know that one day when they are forced with a tough situation, that God could use these moments they had in kids ministry to help them. Maybe they will recall the verse to one of the songs you sang over and over that got on your nerves and was stuck in your head for the next three days. Or maybe they will remember how even though you had a rough morning, you still loved on them and showed them the love of Jesus and you were excited about seeing them. Or maybe, just maybe, they will remember a certain Biblical truth or a Bible story because you wore a funny costume or used a puppet. God can use these simple things to make everlasting impacts on the lives of these kids.

So, even though it’s hard, it’s rough, and you’re tired, keep on keeping on. Stay flexible and let God use you. You never know when your last day serving will be, so cherish these moments when God is using you. Give Him the glory and honor and praise. Let Him use you in ways you didn’t know possible.

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Emily has been serving in children's ministry consistently for over 4 years. She is currently enrolled at Columbia International University pursuing a degree in Church Ministry with a specialization in Children's Ministry. She also plays soccer for CIU. She has a passion for children to hear God's word and for them to know that He loves them.