As a children’s ministry leader, it is important to communicate with your senior pastor. Depending on his personality and schedule, how that communication may take place can vary (email, one-on-one, staff meetings, etc.). However, one thing is for certain– you MUST communicate with him. During this process of communication, it is crucial to find out his vision for you and the children’s ministry. Asking the right questions can help you determine what’s expected of you and the direction you should take in ministry

Questions you must ask:

  • What is his vision for the church?
  • What is his vision for the children’s ministry?
  • What are his expectations of you?
  • What does a “win” in children’s ministry look like to him?
  • By what method does he want you to communicate with him most?
  • How often does he want you to communicate updates to him about the ministry?
  • How can you support him, as the senior pastor?
  • Will he get in a dunk tank, if necessary? (kidding…sort of)

Do you know your senior pastor’s answers to these crucial questions? Your success in your church’s children’s ministry may depend upon them! What other questions would be important to ask? Let others know in the comment section!

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GJ Farmer is a husband, a dad, the founder of, and is the Children’s Pastor at First Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky. He has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministries and a Master’s degree in Children’s Ministry. He has also been fortunate to lead and teach groups at children’s ministry conferences and to have had some of his writing published. Apart from working with kids, he enjoys reading, performing magic tricks, playing video games, and University of Kentucky basketball.