Speaker: Matt Guevara
Topic: We Are One: With God Himself

  • “We need each other. We must stand as one in unity.”
  • “You cannot open the pages of the New Testament, without realizing how men and women can refer to God as ‘Father'”
  • “There are over 200 places in New Testament where God is called ‘Father'”
  • “When you know God as ‘Father,’ you will experience true oneness with God.”
  • Three things that enslave us, especially in the children’s ministry community:
    • We become slaves to isolation.
      • “Real courage is not becoming ‘skilled hiders,’ but becoming brave and walking in to the light.”
      • “God STILL wants you…right now!”
    • We become slaves to works.
      • “Ministry is not about what we do, but about partnering with the One Who parted the seas.”
      • “Busyness and works make us believe that we are worth God’s adoption…God knows you are unworthy, yet He chose us and predestined us for adoption.”
    • We become slaves to fear.
      • “Fear tells us we cannot do something, but Jesus tells us, ‘Don’t be anxious.'”
      • “You are loved. You are free. You are a child of God.”
      • “To be able to come to God, addressing Him as Father, is the beginning of transparent oneness with God the Father.”

Speaker: Bob Goff
Topic: We Are One: Oneness Defined

  • “What is getting in the way of people seeing you are one?”
  • “How you’ll know that God is really into you…Jesus.”
  • “The message of the Gospel is simple. Love everybody always…and start with people who creep you out.”
  • “God makes people. People make issues. But, people aren’t issues.”
  • “People who are comfortable don’t need Christ. People who are desperate need Christ.”
  • “If we are going to be one, we must be more charitable.”
  • “Voices carry. Humble voices carry further.”
  • “God wanted to be with us so badly, He jumped out of Heaven.”
  • “What’s keeping you from seeing the people who are lonely.”
  • “What I love about you is that you’re sitting at the ‘kids’ table,’ and that’s exactly where Jesus would be.”
  • “Tell people who they are turning in to…the image of Christ.”
  • “The way you ‘remain in love’ (John 15:9) is to love people extravagantly.”
  • “Fear is a punk.”
  • “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be Jesus?”
  • “Quit playing it safe with the way you love people.”
  • “Castles have moats to keep people out. Kingdoms have bridges to let people in.”
  • “We need to stop inviting people to church if we’re not going to welcome them when they show up.”

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